Rajiv Surya

Hi 🤟🏼, I am Rajiv Surya

I am currently a Product Design Lead @ Birdeye. We live in an Industry, where some say 'Customer is God' and where others say 'Customer don't know what they want'. I believe delightful experiences fall in between of these 2 philosophies. Download my Resume.

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My Live School

The future of learning

2020 | EdTech | B2C

In India, the most affected due to Covid-19 are secondary schools (nearly 13.3 Crore students). My Live School is an online collaboration tool for teachers & students. This tool is designed to change the ways of conventional teaching pedagogy for an online scenario, with an immersive task based learning model for all subjects and concepts.

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Jewellery POSS

Point of Sale Software

2019-20 | Retail Enterprise | B2B

  • Designed end to end ecosystem for the product life cycle & customer transactions. Added value & saved 4-5 hours daily for the employees, which increased the efficiency into 4x times and were better empowered to solve the needs of their customers.

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DataViz – Project i

Inform. Inspire. India.

2022-23 | Information Design | Data Visualization

Project I is a series of DataViz projects which intends to tell complex, unsaid & not so discussed stories about India, in a simple way through data

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At your service

2021 | Medical domain

A solution for Medical clinic(small & medium, predominantly) receptionists to pro-actively perform their day-to-day operational tasks with ease.

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Plan your travel end-to-end

Redesigned travel experience for Dubai Tourism website

2019 | Travel | B2C

Dubai is ranked 4th city for the most travellers visited in 2019. And at an average a traveller, in Dubai, spends $553(38k INR)per day, which is higher than any city in the world.

Designed a planning experience, for Dubai travellers(the first timers and the familiar travellers, too, basically, all), through which, they can plan their travel end to end, before even visiting the place, by removing uncertainties & empower them.

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An easy transfer wheelchair design – Stretcher | Slide | Seating

2017, M. Des Thesis Project | Healthcare & Quality of life

Caregivers face different problems while taking care of their loved ones who are paralysed. The task of transferring patients from bed to wheelchair and wheelchair to bed is a major task done by caregivers at a daily basis for quadriplegics (whole body paralysis) at home.So, I redesigned the wheelchair with an integrated sliding scoop stretcher which folds and becomes a seating as well for the wheelchair.

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